Located in the historic North Lawrence shopping district. 700 Locust Street, Lawrence, KS. 66044. We are the large stone building on the South East corner of 7th/Locust. Amy's Attic is the South entrance. Click on the MAP link to get driving directions.


Fresh, Inspired, Creative...

What does that mean for you?

Week after week, we have Fresh inventory, an Inspired atmoshphere and Creative use of merchandise so our valued customers can have a truly unique shopping experience!

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Things you should know...
Sneak Peek...

Our hours of operation are Friday-Saturday 9-6. 

Why only the weekends you ask? We spend countless hours during the week to locate, purchase, haul and freshen up all of the fabulous inventory you see each week.  We like things to move fast and for the shop to always look fresh and new.  By opening only on the weekends, we are able to bring in lots of new inventory each and every week!

We are also available by appointment so don't hesitate to call/text or email if you are not able to make it during regular hours...or you happen to see that perfect piece on facebook and simply can't wait until the weekend!

Call Kathryn 785-312-1376 or Heidi 785-760-3678 if you would like to set up an appointment.